About Rlung

Rlung is a unique meditation platform that links you up with teachers like real-life monks and nuns in the Himalayas. It is a rare opportunity to study guided meditation practices with those who have been on the path for life.

We offer what is missing from many pre-recorded guided meditations: Thousands of years of time-tested logic and techniques from uninterrupted traditions authentic to the Himalayan region and a real-time human-to-human environment with students from all over the world.

It's helpful to have a teacher who can gently guide you to build a solid foundation for meditation by giving you directions to address common pitfalls and ways to overcome challenges.

Our teachers are Tibetan Buddhist practitioners whose credentials are based on their dedicated path of 18 or more years or their life-long instruction and experiences as practicing monks, nuns, lamas, and rinpoches.

Our teachers will show you step by step how to go deeper into your meditation practice and offer you helpful direction and guidance on overcoming challenges in daily life.

Rlung isn't an initiation or a religion; it is not about becoming a Buddhist.

It is secular and universal in its approach.

While our teachers are informed by ancient Buddhist lineage, it is a universal set of practices anybody, including people who believe in any faith, non-believers and atheists, can benefit from.

The platform is open to everyone.

Buddhism is not a religion in the traditional sense, but rather a philosophy and science of the mind. It was expounded by the revered Buddha Shakyamuni about twenty-five centuries ago. The teachings focus on the cultivation of wisdom and compassion, while the alleviation of suffering comes through understanding the nature of reality. The lineage of Buddhism from ancient India's Nalanda tradition places great emphasis on the level of mind training and experience that a teacher has.

At Rlung, we invite Tibetan Buddhist teachers who underwent many years of rigorous training and study, often including personal spiritual practices guided by their qualified root lamas. The teacher's level of spiritual realization and ability to effectively adapt and convey the teachings are carefully considered. 

In addition, the teachers' ability to connect with, and understand the needs of students from diverse backgrounds is a principal factor. This may involve familiarity with Western culture and English language, as well as the ability to adapt traditional teachings and practices to the specific needs and concerns of Western students and their modern lifestyles. The combination of these factors can enhance the effectiveness of Buddhist teachings and meditation practices in the development of a peaceful and compassionate mind while leading a meaningful life in the contemporary world.

These are academic and religious titles in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. 

Geshe(for men)/Geshema(for women) is an academic degree conferred after completion of a rigorous curriculum which includes study, memorization and debate of classical Indian Buddhist texts. It means 'Virtuous Friend' and is equivalent to a PhD. This title is mainly given in the Geluk tradition, and the curriculum can take more than 16 years to complete.

Khenpo(for men)/Khenmo(for women) is a title similar to a Geshe/PhD degree and used in the other Tibetan Buddhist traditions of Sakya, Nyingma and Kagyu. It can also refer to the abbot of a monastery, or a senior monk who ordains new monastics. 

Lama is an honorific reserved for those in Tibetan Buddhism who are authorized to teach. It literally means the "highest one", and can be used interchangeably with 'guru'.

Rinpoche means 'precious one' in Tibetan. It is an honorific used to refer to reincarnated, or older, respected and accomplished lamas(teachers).


A stable internet connection is required, since all the classes will be held online. 

You will need to download and install the Zoom application on whichever device that you are using. 

For mobile devices, Apple and Android users can find the application on the App Store and Google Play respectively.

For PC users, the application can be downloaded from the Zoom website: www.zoom.us/download

We have a journal function where you can journal any feelings or learnings before and after the classes you attended.

When you click the "CHECK-IN AND JOIN" button from "My Classes" in your account dashboard, you will be prompted to input your feeling with a simple 5-emoji scale. Optionally you can add any journal. 

Then, you will be taken to a Zoom class by clicking "JOIN VIA ZOOM".

After each class, please make sure to log back into your account dashboard for the "Journal" section to track your feeling after the class, alongside any other notes you want to keep.


As of May 2023, Rlung offers 30 min classes for $10, 45 min classes for $12, and 60 min classes for $15. You can also purchase 4 class credits for $40, and the class credits are good for any class. Please note that the purchased credits expire after 45 days from the purchase date.

You will be given two free class credits automatically when you create an account with the Rlung website by adding your email address and setting a password. 

When you register for the classes, simply choose the class credit as your payment to use the credits.

Please note that the free class credit will expire after 30 days from the date you created your account.


Meditation is essentially a form of mental exercise. It trains our awareness so that the mind becomes workable. 

Meditation is a great way to improve overall mental and physical well-being. Studies have shown that even short periods of meditation can increase the brain's alpha waves and help reduce depression and anxiety. It can increase focus, reduce stress and bring calmness. It can keep people grounded, helping them become aware of, and accept negative emotions and mental patterns. 

As human beings, we have an endless stream of thoughts running in our minds. Following these thoughts brings us to different states of mind. Meditation is a way to overcome the mental chatter, by giving ourselves back the control of our mind.

Getting started with meditation requires nothing but your mind and body, and usually involves focusing on a single point of attention. There are different techniques that serve different purposes, all of which our teachers at Rlung can guide you through!

A: Rlung offers meditation classes which are led by Buddhist teachers with more than 20 years of learning and practice. These are qualified teachers from unbroken lineages who are experts in meditation techniques while also being in touch with the contemporary world. The classes are held online and themed according to the needs of modern times. Students can book group or private sessions according to their wishes. 

A: We have teachers from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition who are great practitioners and experts on matters of the mind. A key part of Buddhist psychology and practice is understanding how emotions arise and how to transform or overcome them. Since each individual is different, the instructions for mind-training can also differ accordingly. 

If you are comfortable discussing your feelings during class in the presence of others, you may do so. If not, we recommend having private one-on-one sessions with any of the teachers at Rlung to help you navigate through your feelings. We are sure their expertise will help you.

Concentration is not indefinite, and becoming aware of our lack of it should not send us in a spiral. When we feel our minds drifting, we must gently bring it back to the point of focus, our breath, bodily sensations etc. The right amount of effort is important, as only a well-tuned instrument is pleasing to hear and play. 

Meditating by ourselves is not a problem, since it is a solitary activity after all. However, having a qualified teacher who can point us in the right direction ensures we do not get lost by ourselves. At Rlung, we have meditation teachers who are experts in the profound levels of Tibetan Meditation. We offer group meditation classes on various themes, as well as individual classes that you can attend according to your needs.

Here at Rlung, we aim to make our meditation classes accessible to all people. As the classes are held live over the internet, you can feel free to ask your instructor for assistance or accommodation during the session. This will also help us for future reference. 

If you have a disability that hinders your participation in online classes, feel free to reach out to us info@.rlung.world. We will do our best to accommodate your individual needs. 

Meditation is a practice of the mind, and while meditational posture is also recommended for proper practice, it is not necessary. You can frankly discuss your situation with the teacher(s) during the live class, and they can suggest individual adaptations for your benefit.