Connectiong you to your inner world of wellbeing. rlung: Pronounced LUNG. Our Breath or ‘the Psychic Winds’.A Buddhist concept of controlling the breathto unify body, speech, and mind.

rlung lessons
Authentic Wisdom, Guided
By Masters

Immerse in genuine and proven principles from revered Buddhist teachers, carrying unbroken lineage and timeless wisdom, fostering profound meditation experiences.

rlung lessons
Interactive Live Classes,
Direct Guidance

Converse with our teachers in real-time through live classes, engaging in direct Q&A and sharing, enriching your meditation journey with personalized guidance.

rlung lessons
Embrace Ancient,
Live In Today

Bring back authentic ancient meditation technology to the present, nurturing inner peace amidst the complexities of modern living. Rlung bridges the two.

ABOUT rlung

Why Rlung

Learn from teachers like real-life monks and nuns. With each online class, you go deeper into the process of meditation.

Rlung is a unique meditation platform that links you up with teachers like real-life monks and nuns in the Himalayas. It is a rare opportunity to study guided meditation practices with those who have been on the path for life.

We offer what is missing from many pre-recorded guided meditations: Thousands of years of time-tested logic and techniques from uninterrupted traditions authentic to the Himalayan region and a real-time human-to-human environment with students from all over the world.


Rlung is a universal set of practices free of any religious connotations. The platform is open to everyone; meditation for all.

Rlung isn't an initiation or a religion; it is not about becoming a Buddhist. It is secular and universal in its approach. It is also a chance to have an actual dialogue with experienced monks and nuns to share their wisdom.


Teachers aligned with Rlung have "pearls of wisdom," meditative experiences, and have been instructed from ancient Buddhist methods.


Our teachers will show you step by step how to go deeper into your meditation practice and offer you helpful direction and guidance on overcoming challenges in daily life.


Their credentials are based on their dedicated path of 18 or more years or their life-long instruction and experiences as practicing monks, nuns, lamas, and rinpoches.

The Vision

Rlung aim to bridge the world of ancient wisdom to today's hyper-complex world, mutually benefitting each other to move humanity forward.


We endeavor to share the lasting benefits of ancient meditation methods that improve our physical, mental, and emotional states with the world.


Many of these treasured teachings were personally passed from teacher to student through a highly guarded lineage for thousands of years. With technology, we can now deliver these teachings to so many more inquiring minds. Rlung aims to be a gateway to the wisdom and traditions held so sacred with limited accessibility. Now they are ready to serve humanity at large.


I needed someone guiding me to get into meditation practice. Committing to showing up to live classes fills a void I have with pre-recorded sessions.
Though the class might be based on Buddhist practices, it is just so universal and applicable to me.
Excellent instructions by a great teacher to deepen my practice and inquiry. Having direct experience with the assistance of someone you can actually talk with is so important.
I felt peace and tranquility during the entire session.
I felt energized to connect and meditate synchronously with people from all over the world in the class.

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